Write And Publish Your Book

When you set out to become a published author, you will find that there are great rewards, including financial ones, both in the process and in the final product, if done well. You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you have a complete manuscript in hand. But in order to get to this point, you need to get your book was written, which seems obvious, but it can be fairly challenging to accomplish this.

The first step to writing a good book is writing the book. Start. Whether you use your computer or a mobile device, whether you write or speak audibly into a dictation program, or maybe even use paper and pen, get started writing. Begin with some type of plan, or outline, so you know in what direction your writing will take you. Continue to build on this outline, making it more and more detailed. Then begin writing. Don’t go back to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, sentences that don’t make sense. For now, just keep writing.

Create a writing goal for yourself every day. You can decide to write for a set period of time each day. Or, you can determine a specific number of words or pages you’d like to get written every day. Whatever it might be, find what works for you, and aim for at least meet that goal every day, if not surpassing it. Sooner than you think, your book will take shape. Once you’ve completed a draft version, you can go back and make corrections and revisions.

The next step is to have someone proofread and edit your book. These are sometimes two separate actions. The proofreader and/or copy editor will make grammatical and spelling corrections, and edit your book for readability.

The next step is to design the layout of your book. Make the appropriate use of white space. Know in what format you will be publishing your book, as this will affect its layout. Books with poor layout are difficult to read, and may even turn the reader off completely. After designing your book’s layout, you can then design a cover for your book. One or both of these design tasks can be hired out if you do not feel comfortable doing them yourself.

You will get an ISBN for your book, which is a unique identifier; you can find information on this by performing an online search. It is probably ideal to use the information provided by Bowker, the company responsible for creating ISBNs here in the United States. The cost currently starts at about $125.00.

It’s time to publish your book. Will you attempt to have a publishing company do this for you? If so, you will need to submit your book proposal to them. The big publishing houses will not even accept a book proposal from you unless you have a literary agent. If you choose to self-publish, there are many ways to accomplish this; you won’t need a literary agent, and your book won’t get rejected.

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