Why Sell Physical Products

In this age of digital products, selling physical products has become less and less prevalent. However, we are actually beginning to slowly see the return of the buying and selling of physical information products. Why? There are a few reasons for this reversal, and why selling physical products is something you should consider.

One of the reasons you will want to consider selling physical products is because of the increase in refund rates for digital products. Even with solid products that are top quality, sellers are unfortunately seeing a higher return rate on the digital products they are selling to their customers. Sometimes buyers are confused about what they are actually purchasing–because an image showing a physical book, or DVDs, or a boxed bundle is often what a buyer is shown on a sales page, they sometimes think they will be receiving an actual physical product in the mail.

Or, sometimes buyers do not perceive digital products to be high quality, whereas they perceive the value of physical products to be higher quality–even if the content of the physical product is identical to the content of the digital product.  Also, an important consideration in selling a physical product, is that a buyer is undoubtedly a lot less likely to go through the effort of boxing up a physical product to return it than they would be if the product is digital, which is very simple return to request.

Another reason to consider selling physical products is that it is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Obviously, if all sellers of information products make the switch to selling physical products, then you will lose this edge. But for the time being, selling physical products to your customers can set you apart from those sellers offering only digital products.

A third reason to consider selling physical products is that it gives you the ability to potentially earn more money per buyer. You can offer a physical product as an upsell or post-sale purchase on a digital product. You are undoubtedly well aware of the benefit of gaining more money per customer, as opposed to attempting to increase your sales by attracting more customers–the best customer is the one you already have, that you have already spent money marketing to, and who already knows and trusts you.

Finally, a good reason to consider selling physical products is because of how appealing they are to affiliates. In selling physical products, you can offer higher commissions to your affiliates, and offer increased bonuses in the effort to gain super affiliates. Your affiliates recognize the fact that you will have lower return rates by selling physical products, which is of course appealing to them.

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