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The Clever


The Race

Be inspired by this underdog ‘toad’ tale about perseverance and drive, one of the greatest

stories ever told.

Be inspired by this underdog ‘toad’ tale about perseverance and drive, one of the greatest stories ever told. The Clever Toad – is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. It’s short enough to keep their attention and powerful enough to inspire them, no matter how old they are.

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Why should you read this book?

The story tells the difference of a frog and toad in an interesting, creative, engaging manner who end up falling in love with each other. It’s not only an amazing love story between two different creatures who live extraordinary lives together. This book helps in recognizing individual differences along with other important values teaching readers on topics such as greed, arrogance, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

What keeps me flipping?

The perfect choice for parents who want to have fun and learn something new with their kids. This book will teach you one or two life lessons along the way, making it a good story that is not too heavy!

When we Need a Push

Oftentimes kids, even teens worry about how small they are, and bullies seem too big a problem to be addressed in their lives. This story is surprisingly a touching account of how small we all seem when compared with big problems like bullies, but it also teaches to never give up on their own dreams even if they don’t always work out at first glance.

The Author is a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, holds three college degrees, including a Master’s Degree of Management and a Bachelors for Social Science. He encourages all to keep learning. He has completed research projects and even been recognized as a recommended City Commissioner of Community Development and Economic Development once in 2007. He enjoyed writing the fun story The Clever Toad and hopes you enjoy reading it too.

The author has a love for storytelling and cooking.

As an avid reader from childhood, the author appreciates stories that he came to love as a child himself after hearing them while growing up in poverty. Born in the deep south, his childhood adventures, stories from blues musicians and school readings have all helped him to write The Clever Toad -The Race.

Satisfied Readers

The Clever


Thomas Find, a toad, has known Princess Tina, a frog since childhood. The two grew up together and fell in love. But her father the King does not approve of his daughter marrying Thomas because he is different; she should marry someone in her own specie! When Thomas refuses to give up on their true love though he seeks out ways that might make it possible for them to be wed.

You’ll laugh out loud in no time as you read this exciting children’s tale of what might happen if King Frog disapproves Tina’s marriage to her handsome Thomas.

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