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The Signs of Heaven

Are you in search for a book that will prove religion is different for everyone, and not everyone is religious?

There are some indications of the universe that nobody will be able to discover ever. A human cannot help himself but think about all these things and try to find their answers. God What Great Signs Book will show you the signs in heavens so it’s a must have!

Are you curious about the universe? Do you see it as a piece of a puzzle that needs to be put together? If that’s your taste, then “God What Great Signs” is a book that is bound to make you think twice for sure.

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Why should you read this book?

If you are a fan of biblical history and what has taken place in the past, you should read this book. God What Great Signs will open your mind and give you further information about biblical things and spirituality. Get it now!

Do you love Jesus?

When you have love and faith in your heart for Jesus and you want to know more about his sacrifices then read this book. It is all-natural, and your affection for Jesus is going to be lightened up once again after getting your hands on this fantastic masterpiece. This is the book you should digest right now to show you the right path in religion.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Adam to Jesus

Adam was the first man on this planet, and ever since then, there have been different topics about different spirituality perspectives and elements. After reading this book, you will know how much knowledge you’ve missed out and literally read the words of God. So wait no more and get your hands on it!

It is a book that will cover everything from Adam to Jesus.

Do you have a spiritual mind?

Are you a person who likes to think of things from a spiritual perspective or maybe you’re a logical or an emotional being? Get this book now, it will uncover the secrets that will make you fall in love with the spiritual aspects of life once again.

Have you been finding your lost spirituality?

It is a fact that we all are leading a busy life, and we tend to forget the things that matter the most in our life. If the search for truth in religion has always been your thing, then this is the right book for you, so get it now! Let me help you find true meaning, the lost spirituality in you will be rekindled.

So Again, Why Read This Book?


If you are still wondering why, then you should definitely get this book. Why? Because right now you are still reading this hoping that you are lead to the right path again. You’ve been searching for you truth and have not found the answers.


To be honest, God’s words are miracles and we all can be changed and saved by his command. We long for that saving, we crave for those miracles but we never see them – that’s why we search.


God gives you miracles everyday. He has blessed us with a beautiful world but we choose to ignore the details. Get this book as his words will help you awaken the spirituality in you.


Suppose you also have an interest in the resurrection of Jesus and conception and birth. In that case, get your hands on this book will reveal some amazing secrets to you that will change your perspective about religion forever!

This book is optimistic, biblical and realistic. I like how he explain his point by using Gods Words. Thank you sir.
This is something that we need to be reminded of repeatedly. God loves us. Belief implies that we will follow God's instructions. In the book of Acts, all conversions entail conviction, redemption, baptism, and confession. Each of these is necessary for our redemption.

Get Ready for Your Copy!

After getting your copy of this book, you will go on a journey of spirituality and essence of Jesus.

About The Author

Richard Benton graduated from Michigan State University and is a retired civil engineer living with his wife, Vicki, in Louisville, Kentucky. Before retirement, Richard worked with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and later became County Engineer of Oldham County, Kentucky. Richard and Vicki have two children, Sheri and Kari.

Author:Richard Benton


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GOD WHAT GREAT SIGNS: Signs in the Heavens



  • Jesus Christ dies on the Cross
  • King David brings the Ark to Jerusalem
  • Creation of Adam
  • Abraham to sacrifice Isaac
  • Time of the Jewish Passover
  • Fall of Israel and Jerusalem
  • Jesus conception and birth
  • Jesus Christ resurrection
  • Jesus Christ ascension to Heaven
  • Day of the Pentecost