Wosie the Blind Little Bunny


Ms. Rose King is an author of children books and an inspirational speaker for all ages, groups, and clubs. Ms. King’s stories are based on friendly animal characters that live in the forest. Wosie her main character is a blind little bunny that was created by Ms. King to reflect some of the life experiences due to her blindness for more than 20 years. These characters are always learning the valuable meaning of reaching out to help others in need. The animals in her stories also learn how to cope with some of their own disabilities and life challenges. So come along to enjoy these heartfelt stories with Wosie the Blind Little Bunny and her best friend BoBo the Bear to many adventures, fun times, and valuable life lessons.

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My student brought this book for “Show and Tell” not only because it did a beautiful job telling a story about friendship and helping others, but because her aunt is the author of the book. It was a heart warming story that portrayed the kindness that still exists in this world, but also depicted a story of a brave character overcoming her own challenges in life and learning to accept and love herself for what she has to offer to the world and her friends. We are a Peace Builder school and when my student brought this book, we were learning about the character traits of praising people and we are moving towards giving up put downs this next month. This is a great mentor text to use to teach 1) author’s message 2) author’s purpose 3) symbolism 4) acceptance

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