The Voiceless Soul: How to Express and Release Deep Fears of Unworthiness


Most of the world is stuck in a trap due to fears of nonlove. From a newly fertilized egg birthed into the world of grown-ups, the incoming soul is challenged by the unconscious fears and suppressed emotions of the grown-ups who will be its teachers at the beginning phases of life. The fear consciousness developed and reinforced over time has created a world that lacks the necessary self-awareness for true spiritual growth. The letters throughout the book, written by the soul of a wounded and disconnected child, challenge the reader to face their own rejected and disowned parts as the reader is led into a deeper understanding of human consciousness and, finally, a healing process that reaches the level of the soul. The book provides an understanding of, and universal need for, authentic forgiveness and compassion, not only for the wounded inner child of the reader, but also the wounded inner child parts within the disconnected grown-ups that polluted the reader?s self-esteem. The book includes relevant research, client cases and the author?s own challenges of being raised by grown-ups who have failed to grow up, keeping her trapped in feelings of unworthiness.

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After decades of reading spiritual/self-help/healing oriented books it is extremely rare for me to be shocked or surprised by the content of a particular book. Author Kelly Talleksen has however done both of those things with her, “Voiceless Soul.” The information she presents backed up by her own experiences and those of the large number of clients she’s worked with is nothing short of amazing. Her ability to convey deep and complex issues in an easy to understand manner is likewise impressive. This book gets to the source and the core of what is ailing what I consider to be a majority of people and provides realistic solutions in a highly compassionate and caring manner. Highly recommend this book for everyone for reason too numerous to list in this review.

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