Beyond the Comfort Zone: The War That Never Ends


Questions. We all have them, rattling around in the back of our minds. How did the country get to be like this? We have a government thats repeatedly paralyzed by a Congress and president constantly at odds. We have a monster bureaucracy churning out an avalanche of new medical regulations. We have a shooting war thats been going on since 9/11 a war in which our terrorist enemies have struck at nations around the globe, and might eventually acquire nuclear weapons.

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Book review by Great Book for Both Christians and Skeptics

As a cradle Catholic, I’ve never given a whole lot of thought to why some people do not believe in God. It seems odd to me, since I’ve always believed in the afterlife, a Trinitarian God, angels, and saints. Frank Wilkins, author of Beyond the Comfort Zone: The War That Never Ends, clarifies this to readers who are both skeptical and solid in their faith. With a clear voice and crisp style, Wilkins first lays a foundation for belief through historical evidence, then incorporates his personal testimony of supernatural experiences into the text, and finally concludes with where and how agnostics can discover objective truth through religious belief.

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