Options for Emerging Authors in Publishing

For new and emerging authors, it is difficult to enter the arena of published authors, and even more difficult to have your book accepted for publishing at a large publishing house.  As an author, you will work hard to finish your book and work even harder to get it published. The good news is you can choose from among several publishing options in order to publish your book. Here are some of those options.

In group publishing, a large company publishes your work in the name of a smaller company, but a company larger than you. For example, large publishing companies often operate smaller publishing companies. The larger publishing company serves as an umbrella over the smaller group publishing companies. Sometimes these companies operate several smaller companies, where each small company might specialize in one or two genres. On occasion, this is referred to as trade publishing. For example, a large publishing group may produce best-selling adult novels, but use a smaller company and a different name to produce cookbooks.

Educational publishing is similar to trade publishing. These companies deal specifically with educational material, whether it is textbooks, or other educational materials such as posters, workbooks, CD-ROMS, software, testing material, and maps. The materials are for any age level–K-12 or higher education.

University publishing, better known as the “University Press,” is different from group publishing and it is not the same as scholarly publishing. These types of companies are usually non-profit. Universities, colleges, and sometimes museums or other organizations operate these publishing imprints. These publishers usually publish books by scholars and other specialists. Besides distributing their books to bookstores, they also make their book titles available within the university system. Sometimes larger trade publishers publish these types of books.

Independent publishers are often the best way to publish your book with established distribution channels. Independent publishers are generally small, privately-owned companies. Many times, these companies only publish a handful of books each year and they specialize in certain subjects. They have the freedom to publish just about anything they wish.

Software and other types of media are also publishing options. Think about the numerous e-books, CD-ROMs, and digital downloads, many published by large and small publishing companies. These types of publishing companies are often associated with larger trade publishers. In fact, many large publishing companies have their own in-house media publisher to spawn the traditional paperback book into other types of media.

You have now been made aware of several types of publishing options that you can consider using in publishing your book. Even if a large trade publisher or group publisher will not publish your book, don’t give up. Keep looking at the different types of publishing options until you find one that works for you and your book.

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