Is Ebook Protection Really Necessary?

I hear many people stating that we should not worry so much about protection and focus on our customers. Documents will be misused and that’s that…you can’t do anything about it!

Those saying this must not have much to lose or risk by this type of thinking. Or they have never really had their information stolen, distributed or otherwise exploited in a manner beyond their control… at least not to any large degree.

Because once it happens to you – once you see your file being passed around on illegally, it’s not so easy to ignore – or turn the other cheek. Especially if the material contributes largely to your income.

It is possible that if you are only selling a few $14 ebooks a month, misuse of your document is not as critical or important. But this thinking is not for everyone.

So the truth is, YES we should focus on our customers. But protecting your information does not mean ignoring, or lack of customer service.

The level of protection you must strive for should be tantamount to the perceived value and critical nature of the information. In other words, the more important the information, the more protection is warrants.

If you are lawyer sending a critical brief to your legal team, you can’t turn a blind eye if they document is misused.

If you are a designer sending your proprietary designs to a client, you can’t afford to have that document misused.

If you are a ghost writer and you send an unprotected manuscript to a client, you can only hope that they don’t take the information without paying.

So first consider the value of your material. Next ask yourself what kind of damage it could do to your company if that information or material was available freely.

Based on those answers, find a protection solution that fits your needs.

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