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Memories from a past life

You may not believe it, but two different paths can both end where they began.

In Deception Past, author Franki deMerle explores this idea by weaving together the stories of Emily Dickinson and Brenda Campbell to show you that perception is everything. You will read about how a single decision in Brenda’s life changed her family forever.

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I'm sure there are many of you out there who enjoy reading novels.

I myself am a huge fan and have read quite a few in my lifetime. One of the novels that I have written which I would truly recommend is Deception Past. It begins with a flashback to a small part of the life of Emily Dickinson, and then we are introduced to Brenda Campbell who begins to tell us about herself and a little bit about her family.

What's with these two people?

Reading this book will certainly get you hooked. The story line is really interesting, and the characters are great. It switches between two different perspectives in time periods. It’s a mystery novel that keeps you guessing until the end about what happens to each characters.

This book is so good! You can’t stop reading it.

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How does the story progress?

She begins to talk about perception and dreaming, and that not remembering meant it was like dreaming in black or white. Brenda goes on to briefly introduce Sand whom she says opened up Pandora’s Box and is connected to her family through an aunt.

As the story goes on, we switch perspectives from following Sand’s story back to Brenda and vice versa. As we follow Sand, we learn of her recurring dream, or rather nightmare, that is later revealed to be a memory in the 1940s despite being born in 1953. 

Deception Past is a must-read

I have to admit, the prologue of Deception Past was one of my favorite parts. It really sets up the story and introduces you to Emily Dickinson without giving away too much about her character. The first chapter also had me intrigued because Brenda describes her parents as Chaos and Delusion which made me question how that would tie into the story.

Explore history, reincarnation and maybe question your own reality.

The story of Sand, remembering fragments of memories that aren’t particularly her, but rather Emily Dickinson. This story, in its essence, follows Sand and her family throughout history, a history that includes a time before she was born.

This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Franki deMerle created something truly special with this novel, anyone who loves a good novel must not miss Deception Past by Franki deMerle.

So Again, Why Read This Book?

Franki deMerle, wrote one of the most thought provoking books I have read in a long time. Deception Past made you think about society, history, and the tendency we as humans have of deceiving ourselves throughout our life. It covers birth, death, and reincarnation, leaving one wondering about life, death, and our purpose here on this earth. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in human nature or just interesting thoughts. Kudos to Ms. deMerle for her courage in taking on such a interesting subject.
I decided to read this work as I, like many I know, harbor an interest in Tarot and Regression Therapy (Past Life experiences). The symbolism is quite apparent throughout the tale, and not just with what each Major Arana of the Tarot represents (for each chapter). There are awareness lessons that can be learned and applied by the reader in daily life if they so choose to see them. I found that I was very involved in this story as I was searching to connect the dots of the past and to see if peace within could be attained for the characters. A very great story that sweeps you along the way.

Get Ready for Your Copy!

Author, Franki deMerle’s novel, Deception Past has been receiving rave reviews from readers and critics alike for its unique storytelling techniques and compelling story line.

About The Author

Franki deMerle grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, during the 1960s and ’70s, and her experiences are the basis for the novel, Deception Past. deMerle’s name is on the Wall of Tolerance at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a founding member of the Build the Dream Foundation, dedicated to building a memorial to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, DC. deMerle is also the author of Ripples on the Surface, a collection of poetry written 1969-2006. The author’s proceeds from Ripples on the Surface go directly to Global Partners for Development to help women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda start their own businesses. deMerle now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she continues to write poetry and reincarnation-related novels. “You don’t have to believe in reincarnation (though many do) to enjoy a novel any more than you have to believe in aliens from outer space (who knows for sure?) to enjoy science fiction.” Her website is www.reincarnationbooks.com.

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Deception Past

As a child, Sand remembered living before. She remembered her death in Dachau, but she didn’t have a name for her past life identity until a former friend claimed it as her own. She is haunted by her past death and recurring premonition of another death to come as she grows up in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and early US spaceflight. Her past life memories put her in conflict with the religious beliefs of mainstream society. The convergence of conflicting cultures results in race riots at the high school Sand attends. Sand’s friend, Chrissie, remembers writing poetry in 19th century Amherst, Massachusetts, as Emily Dickinson. After Sand graduates from college and goes to work for a local newspaper, her childhood premonition of another death comes true. Meanwhile, a package that she has kept a secret suddenly resurfaces, but what does it mean? She discovers that her next door neighbor, a rising rock star, is a bigamist. Sand’s story is told by Brenda Campbell, who is the daughter of the bigamist rock star, through the symbolism of her Tarot cards. Deception Past is a story of betrayal and forgiveness.