Ebook: The Content Recycler

One of the key ways netrepreneurs are optimizing their websites is through the use of targeted articles that use specific keywords or phrases that assist in the positive advancement of the site’s rankings with established search engines.

Many of the articles on your website may change from time to time. The information that was provided was informative, but you’ve moved on to other targeted keywords as part of an overall marketing strategy utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Because there are not enough hours in the day many online marketers will bring a freelance writer alongside to assist in the development of relevant information in a style that fits the purpose and objectives of the website.

If this describes you it is important that you specify the need for the ownership of full rights to the work. It may cost a little more, but if you don’t receive these rights from the author you may be restricted in how you use the material.

In essence, when a writer surrenders full right, the provided work becomes your property upon payment. You can alter the content and even assign your own name to the work when you own full rights. This may be important in keeping the end result not only to your satisfaction, but exclusive to your site.

If you do not receive full rights to the work, it is possible the writer you hired could resell the exact piece to another client.

The primary reason I bring all these issues to your attention is that when you own fill rights you can compile the work you’ve already paid for into an eBook either for sale or as a gift to your clients.

As you retire articles from your archives they can be reassembled in an eBook format and given a new life.

Many customers will be happy to pay for the information simply because it is all located in one place in a comprehensive and structured manner.

Internet marketing has become much ado about content. Solid information creates trust and frankly, it sells. Understanding the possibilities of the articles you either personally develop or purchase from a freelance writer is an important means of creating another sales tool that has proven remarkably successful.

If a customer discovers the information you provide is trustworthy, works and saves them time you are likely to see that customer drop by again and possibly tell others about the level of service they received. Word of mouth advertising should never be understated.

Develop a file in your word processor where you keep the articles that have been on your website. They may do a world of good in a newly packaged eBook format.

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