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You Can't put this thriller down!

If you love suspenseful, gripping stories that keep you guessing then, GREAT JOB!

You are at the right place TODAY! You will surely LOVE Whispers Vol. 1: Whispers in the Dark (Volume 1). A heart-pounding, suspenseful and gripping page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end. Whispers Vol. 1: Whispers in the Dark (Volume 1) is the true definition of a thrilling story, it simply makes the readers worry about what will happen next in a story and always at the edge of their seats waiting for the next big reveal. Readers often find themselves hooked and cannot wait until their curiosity is satisfied with more suspenseful events that unfold on the pages.

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Have you been looking for a great book to read?

Well, we have the perfect one for you! Our author D M Taylor is talented and our readers love it. We are so confident that this will be one of the best book of your life. This book follows the story of Belinda Rios finds herself up to her eyebrows in danger and suspense due to the ‘so called gift’ of being able to help ghosts. 

What keeps me flipping?

With two small children, she is left desolate when her husband walks out on them with no warning at all; but as if that is not enough for one woman already struggling with a tough situation, Belinda has found it necessary over time in order to keep sane-to be haunted by spirits who died tragically

A heart-pounding, suspenseful and gripping page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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WHO IS D. M. Taylor?

D. M Taylor never knew she had this amazing talent of writing when juggling a full-time job, and raising two children. It was only when her husband encouraged her to finally put pen to paper that D. M Taylor found peace from everyday life by using all those inspirational thoughts as words on pages for other people who might need them too!

D. M Taylor grew up in Idaho where she graduated high school before moving with her family across country to live in Arizona with their kids.

Dreams are often our answer to the question “What do we want?” D.M Taylor was always a dreamer and as she got older, her dreams became bigger than what life in Idaho could offer. Mrs. Taylor’s love is writing books and inspire people to go after their dreams no matter how big or small those might be!

What should I expect from this Novel?

Twists are some of the best moments in any story. That moment when something happens that makes you question what you thought you knew, and it has to be so far out of character or from the world they’re living in for people not to go “What?” In this book you’ll get OMG moments that are so great that you as a readers will have no choice but turn those pages faster – wondering how on Earth you could’ve missed such an amazing thing happening right in front of you.

A gripping novel with thrills, chills and suspense.

The story is so personal, and its scope confined to the circle of characters that by the end readers feel like they knew all of them personally. Though everything in this novel is a work of fiction, we cannot deny that each scenes in this book relates deeply towards our modern society and how other experienced life. We cannot help but be attached to a seemingly trivial  story because deep down inside each one of us has these same relatable experience; which makes it even more compelling for us as readers.

What other's think about the book?

When you first start this book it takes a little bit to get into it, but give it a chance and keep reading it, it's a great story with a lot of meaning behind the story! Give it a try, you will not want to put it down once it gets going!
I love Whispers Vol. 1: Whispers in the Dark. This book has excellent pacing, and I found myself totally absorbed in the story. I completed reading it in two days. I've even suggested it to some of my colleagues.

Get Ready for Your Copy!

The voice of this story is something that will be hard to forget. Journey with Belinda Rios Today! 

About The Author

D.M. Taylor grew up in Idaho where she graduated from High School. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and two children. She has always felt a need to inspire people. She finally found the courage to put pen to paper in between a full time job and children’s sporting events. When she is not writing she finds time to relax walking her dog and reading.

Author : D.M. Taylor
Books : 1
Rating : 10/10


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Whispers Vol. 1: Whispers in the Dark (Volume 1)

Belinda Rios is left desolate and alone, with two small children, when her husband of ten years unexpectedly walks out. As if that is not enough to deal with, she finds herself up to her eyebrows in danger and suspense due to her “so called gift, or curse” of being able to help the ghosts of people who have died a tragic death. As she continues to probe into the mystery surrounding the death of a teenage girl, the target becomes focused on her. As the Arizona desert heats up, the clock begins to run out. Will she be the next tragic death?